Simple Dynamics of Circular Motion Problem

From Serway and Jewett Physics for Scientists and Engineers with modern physics, 9th edition


Serway 6.8 problem.jpg

Let’s analyze the wording of the problem:

  1. A conical pendulum is a swinging pendulum that can rotate around an axis. The bob (the mass) will have circular path at all angles θ, but here we need to investigate when the angle is 5°.
  2. When a body moves is circular motion it must have at least a radial acceleration (centripetal acceleration).
  3. The mass is connected by a wire, the wire will have a tension (because it is used to suspend the bob). The tension should have x- and y-components.

What the information give in problem:

  1. The bob’s mass (m) = 80 kg
  2. Length of wire (L) = 10 m
  3. Angle of pendulum (θ) = 5°

What the problem need:

  1. The x- and y-components of tension force.
  2. The radial acceleration



  • The x- and y-components of tension force.
    • The x- and y-components of the tension force are:


  • The radial acceleration

Serway 6.8 problem -sol b.jpg