Newton’s Laws and Circular Motion

From Serway and Jewett Physics for Scientists and Engineers with modern physics, 9th edition


6.11 A 4.00-kg object is attached to a vertical rod by two strings, as in Figure bellow. The object rotates in a horizontal circle at constant speed 6.00 m/s. Find the tension in (a) the upper string and (b) the lower string.

Serway 6.11 problem.jpg

Analyze the problem:

The problems states that it wants tension force in string for the above setting. Newton’s laws should be used beside the dynamic of circular motion concepts.

What are given information:

  1. Strings lengths (L) = 2 m
  2. Height (h) = 3 m
  3. Mass of object (m) = 4 kg
  4. Speed of object (v) = 6 m/s

What the problem need:

  1. Tension of upper string
  2. Tension of lower string



serway-6-11-problem-sol-aFrom above figure we can see that we have isosceles triangle hence we can have right triangle by drawing a perpendicular line on the base of triangle to get sides lengths 2 m, and 3/2=1.5 m, so:

Serway 6.11 problem main sol.jpg


The tension in the upper string and  the lower string

Serway 6.11 problem main sol2.jpg